Piece of Cake Inc. Launches Cake Zilch

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Cake Zilch A Zero Calorie Cake

Piece of Cake Inc. Launches Cake Zilch

ATLANTA (April 1, 2015) – Piece of Cake Inc. will sell Cake Zilch, a zero calorie cake, on April 1 to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Until now, Cake Zilch was something desired by cake lovers, but never developed. Piece of Cake Inc. has found a way to answer customer’s dietary needs with an all-natural zero calorie cake.

Cake Zilch will be available in Piece of Cake’s limited spring flavors of coconut, orange and pineapple. Piece of Cake Inc. worked with George P. Burdell, Food Scientist, and his top students at Georgia Institute of Technology to remove the calories in butter. Piece of Cake Inc. used a no calorie sugar from a cactus found remotely in the Amazonian rain forest.

“I was so excited when Piece of Cake Inc. approached me about this once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Burdell. “My family and I have enjoyed Piece of Cake Inc. for years. This could be one of the biggest food discoveries that Georgia Tech has been involved with.”

Piece of Cake Inc. organized surveys and studies to make sure it would benefit their customers. The bakers spent years perfecting Cake Zilch, and they are excited to have the recipe finalized for swimsuit season. Cake Zilch can be purchased in-store or online at www.pieceofcakeinc.com. Cake Zilch is $37 for a 9-inch cake and $29.50 for a 7-inch cake. Piece of Cake Inc. plans to release a cake for the European market called Cake Nil.

“We’re really hoping our suppliers can keep up with the demands of our customers,” said Barb, head baker of Piece of Cake Inc. “We expect this to be a game changer.”

About Piece of Cake Inc.
Piece of Cake Inc. was established in 1985 in Buckhead, Ga., specializing in homemade layer cakes, pound cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. They use only the finest ingredients and serve them in a warm welcoming environment. With nine locations in the Atlanta area and a variety of flavors, Piece of Cake Inc. is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth craving. We take the cake. Anywhere! For more information, visit our website at www.pieceofcakeinc.com.

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