Hayden Collins returns to WGST and “The Sully Show” March 4th to take Sully behind the lines of the financial war.

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Hayden Collins returns to WGST and “The Sully Show” at noon this Wednesday to take Sully behind the lines of the financial war.

With correspondents in Russia and Germany, and members of the Intelligence Syndicate in the studio, Hayden will talk about what’s really going on in Europe, when we’ll be running into the debt ceiling again, and what unsustainable debt is.

And take a peek at the next card in the deck.  Let’s see what Deal we get.

WGST 640 AM in Atlanta is also streamed live at www.640wgst.com

Hayden Collins is the host of the weekly “The Hayden Collins Radio Program”.  Described as “political commentary with a North Georgia sense of humor”, Hayden’s show brings his wide-ranging perspective to current – and future! – political topics, that he discusses with his Intelligence Syndicate across the country, and a “roundtable” free-for-all with his crew of interns from local high schools and universities.

Listen to “The Hayden Collins Radio Program” live or online Saturdays at 12 noon Eastern time, with archived shows on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/HaydenTCollins. A Conservative Republican, veteran, and businessman, Hayden’s voice of reason challenges the “business as usual” of established political interests, brings the perspectives of the Next Generation to national issues and global events, and calls for leadership that can bridge the gap and offer engaging and innovative solutions for a better future.

Hayden invites listeners’ comments and questions at radioshow@haydencollins.org

For additional information: contact Joe Salome (404) 455 4681

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