Social Joe Marketing is a Full-Service Marketing Communications Agency located in Atlanta, GA. Social Joe Marketing works with clients to strategize marketing plans & maximize budgets to drive client business goals. Our focus is on Brand Immersion creating fully integrated marketing plans to include Traditional Media,PR, Interactive Solutions, Social Media, Promotions, Sales, and Event Activation. There is no such thing as bad publicity…see any politician that has won office after a scandal Eminem, 2 Live Crew, and any Kardashian.

In today’s ninja sliced advertising world, marketers bombard consumers with messages through phones, tablets, computers,  radio, tv, billboards, video games and anything else that people see, hear, smell, taste, touch or pee on. Consequently, consumers have become skilled at blocking out those sneaky ways of targeting them.

Getting consumers to hear your message through all the other noise is both an art and a science. Social Joe specializes in making your message louder than your competitors’.  Sure, we are traditional marketing and advertising “experts”, but we are also much more.  We are smart, we don’t know what the inside of the box looks like, and we are fearless.

Our specialty is developing campaigns and creating ideas that traditional agencies are scared to touch because well we have balls the size of boulders…yep even the girls.

Bottom line is we start fires and spread them.  And where there’s smoke, there’s Social Joe Marketing…and probably something else burning behind the scenes.